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“You showed such love for your son and still do by helping so many families through The Markie Foundation.”–Yolanda

“Amazing family, amazing event!”–Scott

“Thinking about you today.  You showed such love for your son and still do by helping so many families through the Markie Foundation.”–Yolanda

I think you’re doing a great thing, and I want to support it! — Gordy L.

Thank you very much for your generous contriubtion of $500 for the Donovan Creason Memorial “Black & Red” Gala. Wi t the help of your donation, the dinner was a great success in raising funds for many local children’s charities. The Dinner Gala is a very important memorial event for us, and your support means so much. For more information, visit us at www.creasonmemorial.org–Scott

Joe — $400,000 in almost 20 years. Hard to believe (a) that it’s been that long and (b) that you and Janis, by sheer hard work and commitment, have raised almost a half a million dollars and (c) helped so many families in crisis. You are doing saintly work. I am proud to have supported you from the beginning. — David Ogden

Glad the tourney worked out well this year!  We are always happy to help in any way we can.  You guys do all the hard work, though, so you should be proud of all the success!–Mo

Every time I see that photo I think what a Cherubic face that little Markie has and how your keeping his legacy doing so much good for other children and their families. You guys are awesome. Merry Christmas — Deb Paquin, 12/24/18


We are so grateful for your support of our pediatric program. Would love to share how we have grown and stories about the children we serve.


You help make it possible for Okizu to provide a place for peer support for respite, for mentoring, and for recreational programs in a safe a nd enriching environment.

You have helped to create a home away from home, a place where our families can lean into the community of caring that is Okizu.

Dear Joe and Janis, Thank you so much for your ongoing and generous support and for your commitment supporting the OKIZU campers. You bring so much joy to so many and are making a difference in the lives of those who need it. The smiles say it all, and I hope you can come see your investment in person very soon.–Sarah

The word “Okizu” comes from the Sioux language and means “to unify, to come together as one.”

Each summer, hundreds of children are able to do just that while at Camp Okizu. They come toegther through laughter, play, hugs, song, tears, even more laughter, love, and the shared experience of childhood cancer in their lives.

We are proud supporters of the Okizu organization in support of Okizu and the unconditional acceptance and support it provides. Our funds go to support a child’s/family’s camp experience. Because of its low administrative costs and all -volunteer camp staff during the supper, the funds are earmarked for camp operations, including both oncology and SIBS (Special and Important Brothers and Sisters) Camp.

“This is the one thing that has really made my sone happy during such a difficult time. He is in remission now, but he was able to be himself and no one judged him. Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to him.

“She couldn’t’ stop giggling the entire way home. She sang the songs to me, told me about the skits they put on , her new friends, all her counselors’ names, and was just so happy.”

“THANK YOU CAMP OKIZU! He loved camp@ He came back so excited to tell everyone about his week, especially archery, and the fish that he caught! He made us breakfast the next morning, cleaned his sister’s room, and is trying so hard to help and be a part of his family. He was mad a lot before he left, and now is happier and definitely more confident.

“Always a mixture of joy and grief, Family Camp manages to serve us on so many levels: psychological, physical, social, emotional”–Okizu parent

“Camp is the highlight of my child’s summer! It’s the one thing he consistently anticipates and looks forward to during summer. It’s a safe place and a place for growth and support” — Parent of Oncology Camper’

“As usual, he returns home from camp with a glow of self-esteem, confidence, and maturity. I love it!” — Okizu Parent

“My daughter always seems so much happier after camp, like she’s been recharged.” — Okizu Parent

Camp Okiuz is a place we look forward to visiting every year. We are so thankful to have a place where most everyone has something in common with us. It’s nice to talk about it. All year it’s weighing on us and we don’t talk about it. Here we do. –Family Camp Parent

Camp is truly the highlight of our daughter’s year. It is something we as a family are truly grateful for. As a parent, I am happy that she can reconnect with kids that understand what she had gone through. That is a gift.–Parent of 12-Year Old Female Oncology Camper

Okizu is more than a place; it is a community — and the donations that come from with that community are incredibly profound. We are so grateful for your support and hope you understand the impact you are making in the lives of such special children and families.


Thank you to all of the generous individuals who make George Mark such a source of support to our family and to many other families like us.–Aisling McCarthy

Thanks to George Mark supporters like yourself for providing true peace of mind to a family who never dreamed that the support they needed most was available to them at no charge.

We are grateful for your support of GMCH. Your gift allows us to provide life-affirming and transformative care to children and families coping with life-limiting illnesses.

Thank you for being a champion of our children and families. Your gift to GMCH is deeply appreciate and with your support we will continue to meet our goal of enabling each child we serve to live his or her life to the fullest.

Life is celebrated every day at GMCH. The care provided is truly life changing, allowing children and their families to be together in a beautiful, supportive and nurturing environment. We combine all the facets of quality care: cutting-edge symptom management, clear and sensitive communication, psychosocial and spiritual care, bereavement counseling and child life services. In addition we offer much needed respite for families providing home care for their seriously ill children. Here at GMCH, children also get to play and have fun and just be kids.

“Thank you for recent give. Your generosity enables World Vision to provide essential care, encouragement, and hpe to hurting children and families. You’re a vital part of the work we do in the name of Christ.”–World Vision

By striving together for a common purpose and sharing our gifts, we can have a significant, long-term impact on people’s lives. World Vision is committed to coming alongside struggling families and communities, giving them the tools, guidance, nurturing and assistance need to build a future full of promise and opportunity.

Your support for George Mark enables our family to benefit from this essential care. George Mark is a lovely home with music, beautiful art, and the most caring staff. Respite care at George Mark is my “water.” I’m refreshed after Bella stays, and I can provide all the love and caring attention she needs. Thanks to the generosity of many donors to George Mark, Bella and all our children have the support needed to lead happy and healthy lives.–Zarinah Francois

Giving back to these families, making every child and family feel welcome, heard, and fully supported, brings true meaning and purpose to my life. MCH works every day to support families through their most difficult moments, offering them the ability to heal and continue leading whole lives


“I wanted to write a personal thank you for your past support of CKHC and the compassionate medical care we provide for children on the Central Coast.At Coastal Kids, our nurses and social works sit with parents each day and ease their troubled minds, talking to them about their child’s condition, helping them to navigate the complex medical system, and giving them the support they need to wake another day hopeful for their child’s recovery or better prepared for the difficult road ahead.

As the only provider of pediatric palliative and end-of-life care in our community, Coastal Kids staff has the unique insight in the complexity of losing a child. In the past few years, our bereavement counselor has noticed an important trend 0-0 families that receive our comprehensive anticipatory grief services — including end of life education, one on one counseling for the child, parents and siblings — often demonstrate a better ability to cope with their loss and require less assistance than those who face the sudden, unexpected death of a child or do not have access to anticipatory grief services. For this reason, we are grateful to be expanding our bereavement services and offering support for the many local families coping with the often-overlooked pain associated with perinatal loss. The mission of tThe Markie Foundation aligns wonderfully with this new program. Thank you again for your past support of Coastal Kids and the families we serve.

Thank you for making it possible for us to care for over 1,600 patients and their families across Contra Costa, Solano, and Alameda counties this year. The support you provide allows us to implement programs and services that are important for our community but which Medicare does not cover. — Hospice East Bay