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The Markie Foundation Donates Another $15,000 to George Mark Children’s House

July 13, 2012

Funds to support GMCH’s therapeutic programs and purchase additional nursing supplies.

At its 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament banquet on July 10,2015, The Markie Foundation presented a check to George Mark Children’s House (GMCH) for $15,000, to further support children’s hospice and palliative care programs.

Specifically, these funds will support GMCH’s therapeutic programs (including refinishing the highly-used spa/hydro-therapy area) and provide much-needed nursing supplies–both of which are critical to the house’s operations and ability to provide excellent care to families in need. A matching gift by a generous GMCH donor amounts this to a $30,000 contribution to GMCH.

“On behalf of all our wonderful supporters, we are honored to present George Mark Children’s House with yet another significant donation,” said The Markie Foundation co-founder Joe Wuelfing, in presenting the check to GMCH founder Dr. Kathy Hull. “George Mark Children’s House continues to provide highly needed, excellent care and support to families in need, and we are grateful for the wonderful work you do.”

GMCH remains one of The Markie Foundation’s long-term beneficiaries. In total since its inception in 1999, The Markie Foundation has donated more than $100,000 to GMCH–representing approximately one-third of its total disbursements of more than $300,000.

“The Markie Foundation and all of its donors truly help make a difference in the lives of many children and their families,” said Kathy Hull. “Your contributions are remarkable, and we are very thankful to have your support as we continue to work together to serve children and their families.”

Prior to the check presentation, attendees watched a video clip of an upcoming NBC Universal Lifeline series highlighting GMCH and the need for pediatric palliative care. Last year, The Markie Foundation provided funds to help promote this television program nationwide, helping to generate greater awareness of the need for children’s hospice and palliative care services.

The Markie Foundation co-founders Joe and Janis Wuelfing with George Mark Children’s Hou
se founder Kathy Hull (far right)–and a nice-sized check.
Kathy Hull thanks The Markie Foundation and its many supporters–those present and not.