grant requests

The Markie Foundation is a non-profit organization that makes financial contributions to help make a difference in sick children's and their families' lives. We contribute to individual families, organizations, and activities to help carry out this purpose.

The Foundation is not limited geographically; however, we currently support programs within Northern California.

Grant Guidelines

Our primary guidelines for consideration of funding requests are:

  • The beneficiary (organization) must provide a program or service assisting families caring for children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.
  • The beneficiary (individual family) must demonstrate a need for assistance in caring for their terminally ill child.

Requests should be written in concise letter form stating how the need meets the mission of The Markie Foundation.

Grant sizes vary depending upon the needs of the beneficiary and funds available from the Foundation. We prefer potential beneficiaries to provide the Foundation with a list of different options for contributions/involvement.

Please fill out the form below for consideration. You can attach a document (Word, PDF, etc.) if you choose. We will respond after we've read and evaluated each request.