"Touched by an angel" by Grandma geri

(Read by Grandma Geri at the Mass of Angels service on 7/6/99)

When Markie was born, he became our 7th grandchild,

So Grandpa Mark said, “I think I’ll call him ‘Lucky.'”

Well, in many ways, Mark was not so lucky.

The illness had consumed his little body and mind.

And he was taken from us way too soon.

But in many ways Markie was lucky.

He was lucky to be blessed with two

Of the most wonderful parents in the world

He was lucky to have the care of nurses and doctors

Who treated him with so much tenderness and affection

He was lucky to have those of us

Who just wanted to be with him

Holding him, kissing him, singing to him.

A special little boy who brought us all so much love

So in turn, we are also the lucky ones

Because Markie came into our lives

And lucky too, because Janis and Joe are in our lives,

Two very special people,

Who will always remind us what love, courage,

Strength and faith is all about.

How very lucky and blessed we are to have

Been touched by an angel.

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